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Woof, woof, Floof.

Go ahead and spoil your fur baby.

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Meet our
Everywear Blankets

Meet our
Everywear Blankets

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Beige Bear / Medium 60" x 80"
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Lil’ Marsh

From $45
Rosy Baby / Medium 60" x 80"
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Beige Bear
Best Seller
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Cuddle Puddle


What our fans say

“Combines the cozy comfort of a weighted blanket with an airy softness that will make it an instant favorite.”
Melissa H.
“If you can imagine a cloud enveloping your body and whisking you off into the sunset, amplify that by ten and you’ve got this blanket.”
“Ridiculously soft and high-quality blanket — one worthy of the price tag.”
Brendan M.
“If adults carried security blankets around in public, this would be it.”
Marcia P.
“I call mine ‘the blanket of comfort’ as it has quickly become the blanket I sleep with. It seems to ease my sleep anxiety and insomnia!”
“I’ve never been snuggled by a soft and kindly polar bear, but I suspect it feels a lot like climbing under Unhide’s Marshmallow Blanket.”
Emily C.
“It’s hands down the softest thing I’ve felt in my whole life.”
Jessica L.
“This blanket is like a large flat Chinchilla is holding me and telling me I am worthy of love.”