Vegan TikTokers You Should Know

Vegan TikTokers You Should Know

Jul 28, 21

While it started as an app that seemed “only for teenagers” (not to mention full of dancing videos), TikTok is taking over with more than 2 billion downloads globally after the best quarter for any app ever. Positioning itself as the social media app of today, these days joining seems almost inevitable. 

Whether you’re already a TikTok enthusiast or a newbie trying to keep track of all the latest trends, there are a number of vegan TikTok creators to inspire and guide you through a plant-based lifestyle. Here are the creators we recommend following immediately after download. Your stomach will thank you for it. 


If you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to want to follow Ava’s account, with quick and easy vegan treats. From snicker bites and to strawberry matcha boba latte, each recipe is made up of easy to follow step by step videos, a minimal ingredient list, and results so delicious you’ll want to create a TikTok yourself. 


Tabitha Brown went TikTok viral for her carrot bacon recipe after joining the app in early March 2020. She’s since reached TikTok celebrity status, with nearly five million followers and counting. Rich in flavor, her recipe videos are worth the hype and her carrot bacon just might change your life, all explained with her signature smile. 


Tully Uncle calls himself the “comfort food specialist” and his easy vegan curries come with a side of comedy. Whether you’re looking for hilarious life advice or an authentic vegan dal recipe, the account is worth a follow. 


For your favorite korean dishes, veganized, you’re going to want to follow Joanne L. Molinaro (aka The Korean Vegan). Her recipe videos, from strawberry mochi ice cream to soy ramen noodles, are beautifully shot and calming. She even combines cooking videos with storytime for a surprisingly captivating experience. 


Award Winning singer, actress, and host Gabrielle Reyes has your daily dose of positivity with drool-worthy recipes for vegan sloppy joes and pizza bagels. Part of the charm is listening to the original song created for each recipe, for a fun new way to cook. 


Author of Vegan Junk Food, Zacchary Bird has your indulgences covered, veganizing recipes you never knew could be vegan. Try the vegan biscoff freakshake and deep fried pizza


If you’re looking for healthy vegan inspiration, Emily Daniels is the TikTok creator for you. Claiming to make “healthier versions of your favs” in her bio, she finds a way to make gooey chocolate cookies plant-based and gluten free. 


Now we might be biased here but our 600k TikTok followers agree that we have your animal fact videos covered, all reported from the warmth of an UnHide vegan blanket. After you’ve made your new favorite vegan recipe, be sure to follow us for (very important) information about baby elephants