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Rosy Baby / Small 50" x 60"






Pet Collection

Netflix Collection


Welcome to the softest corner of the internet. All our blankets are designed to elevate any space they are in and inspire comfy feels with every pet.

From $249.00$199.00


For the size kings and queens.

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UnHide - Marshmallow UnHide - Marshmallow

From $53.00$45.00

Lil’ Marsh

Half the weight, all the comfort.

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UnHide - Lil’ Marsh UnHide - Lil’ Marsh

From $219.00$199.00

Cuddle Puddle

Super-size your blanket.

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UnHide - Cuddle Puddle UnHide - Cuddle Puddle


Braided Marsh

A new take on the classic Marshmallow.

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UnHide - Braided Marsh UnHide - Braided Marsh


The Everywear Blankets™. They’re engineered for maximum coziness — whether you're cuddled on the couch, raiding the fridge, or even walking the dog.

From $79.00$69.00


Make your blanket jealous.

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UnHide - Shleepy UnHide - Shleepy


Meet your couch’s new best friend. Simple to wash, comfy to cuddle, easy to love.

From $65.00$55.00


Our pillow is softer than your pillow.

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UnHide - Squish UnHide - Squish

Pet Collection

Our new Floof pet bed is so comfy, you can really spoil your fur baby—or even your actual baby.

From $179.00$139.00


Now your furry friends can sleep as well as you — maybe even better.

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UnHide - Floof UnHide - Floof


Just a few of our fluffy, furry, friends.

From $77.01$69.00

Lil' Marsh x Netflix

Movies & popcorn. UnHide & Netflix. Some things just go together.

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UnHide - Lil' Marsh x Netflix UnHide - Lil' Marsh x Netflix


Marshmallow x Netflix

An iconic blanket inspired by Netflix's iconic intro.

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UnHide - Marshmallow x Netflix UnHide - Marshmallow x Netflix


Art Marsh

Art you're encouraged to touch.

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UnHide - Art Marsh UnHide - Art Marsh